New Protocols & Procedures 

  • You are not allowed to enter the salon with COVID-19 or symptoms. We reserved the right to refuse service if you do so.

  • If you have experienced any cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days, we are unable to take you for your appointment. Please reschedule your appointment with as much notice as possible. For sick related cancellations, our cancellation policy will be waived.

  • No guests can come with you to your appointment. DO NOT BRING friends, family, children, or pets with you to your appointment. They will be asked to wait outside.

  • We have increased our cleaning protocols to provide the safest space possible. This includes 15 minutes of clean prior to and after your appointment with your stylist. All stations, sinks, tools, and PPE are sanitized before and after each use. During our shift changes there is 30-45 minutes designated to clean the whole salon space before allowing anyone to enter.

  • All staff has been certified through Barbicide for sanitation and proper COVID measures. These certificates will be visible at each stylist workstation.

  • We are only operating at 30% capacity to make sure there is 2 meters (6 ft) between stylists’ stations, wash basins, and our reception area.

  • With operating at 30% capacity, we are temporarily unable to offer large color changes/color corrections and extension services.

  • All staff will be wearing PPE gear which includes, masks, face shields, gloves, and scrubs. Each is temperature tested before their shifts as an extra precaution.

  • Currently we are unable to blow dry hair as part of our service. We ask you do your best to come in with clean hair to accommodate the regulations at this time

  • We are temporarily unable to offer any services that may touch a client’s face as per Toronto Health’s Guidelines. This includes the following: Beard trims, neck clean ups, eyebrow shaping or tinting, and bang trims.

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accept children under 16 years of age for services at this time as they need to be able to sign our waiver without parental consent.

  • We are no longer offering G&W Memebers

  • All bookings will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you are walking by or would like to pick up retail products, please call us first at 416 901 6776

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